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Zanshin in Japanese martial arts refers to a state of relaxed alertness. In other words, the mind completely focused on action and fixated on the task at hand.  It is an effortless, continuous vigilance.

Cybersecurity is a science and an art. We strive to bring perspectives working with our global customers and sharing learnings for awareness about our cybersecurity  ecosystem.

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Current Cybersecurity Landscape

As Enterprises experience a digital leap toward a data-driven future, the imperative shift is towards priorities:​

SaaS Security, Real Time Data Telemetry, Complex Security Architectures, Insights about performance Security and Availability, Availability of Security Talent, Successful Digital Transformation

With the perimeter lines blurring, the entire enterprise architecture of Core, Cloud, and Edge, requires defense against attackers and mitigation of threats.

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Leader Speak

Building Cyber Resilience

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All Videos

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Esti Peshin, Vice President & General Manager of IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) speaks about how building the Cyber Resilience of your company can enhance the ability to Anticipate, Withstand & Recover from Cyber Attacks.

Leader Speak

Cyber Speak

We bring to you a curation of links to articles of interest by Cyber domain experts

Cyber Speak
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