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Who We Are

We are a niche IT & Cybersecurity Consulting & Security Operations company, supporting customers globally across North America, Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Our mission is to provide a 'Product agnostic Problem-solving' approach to address the  Transformation of the Security Posture of our customers. Our AI based solutions provide 24/7/365 protection for enterprises.

Our Services  include Risk Compliance Management to Security Operations across the IT, IoT, OT, Mobile & Cloud Environment of an Enterprise Ecosystem.

We help businesses identify Cyber-Threats, protect Critical Data and reduce Cyber-Risk. This involves the Design, Implementation and ongoing Management of security solutions.

We have extensive experience working with Global Corporations in transforming their Cyber Strategy with niche Services in Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Critical Infrastructure, Unicorns & Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Government & Military.


Our Vision


"Quant", derived from the financial world, means advisory experts who use mathematical and analytical methods, and akin to our approach to measure, determine & remediate IT & Cyber Security risks in an organization.

"Samurai", derived from Japanese, represents  our stance in fighting to secure our clients based on the 8 core principles of the Samurai, namely Justice, Courage, Compassion, Truthfulness, Honor, Loyalty & Self Control.

Together, Quant Samurai brings you the power of collaboration of Global experts to create a customized circle of security for your Enterprise.  

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