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Product Offerings

Banking Products

  • Payments: By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments, Our platform  could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks.

  • Clearance and Settlement Systems: Distributed ledgers can reduce operational  costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial institutions.

  • Securities: By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and  alternative assets — and placing them on customized blockchain which create  more efficient, interoperable capital markets.

  • Loans and Credit: By removing the need for gatekeepers in the loan and credit  industry, our blockchain based solution can make it more secure to borrow  money and provide lower interest rates.

  • Trade Finance: By replacing the cumbersome, paper-heavy bills of lading process  in the trade finance industry, Our solution can create more transparency,  security, and trust among trade parties globally.

  • Customer KYC and Fraud Prevention: By storing customer information on  decentralized blocks, blockchain technology can make it easier and safer to  share information between financial institutions.

Our Offerings
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